The Ashtanga Beginner’s Course (ABC) is a 6 session series designed for students who would like to immerse themselves in the Ashtanga Vinyasa System, and cultivate a devotional spiritual practice for themselves.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, when practiced in its correct sequential order, gradually leads the practitioner to rediscover his/her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness ~ physical, psychological, and spiritual. Through the practice of correct breathing (Ujjayyi pranayama), energy locks (Bandhas), and gazing points (Dristi), we gain control of the senses and a deep awareness of ourselves. By maintaining this discipline with regularity and devotion, one acquires steadiness of body and mind. The concepts of Trishtana and how it applies on the mat, as well as how it applies to the journey that is known as YOGA, will be examined.

The course will cover Half Vinyasa Primary Series from Sun Salutes to the standing and Half Sitting sequence only– the original practice or “half form” of the vinyasa system which has been adopted as the standard in an ashtanga led class.



  • Practice sessions held once a week, over six weeks, allows time and ease of completion
  • Intensive methodical training will enable students to practice in confidence and at ease.
  • Comprehensive learning system will help students deepen their understanding of Ashtanga Practice.
  • Preparation work for an Ashtanga led or mysore class.


Dates: (Pick one only) either

  • Weekday (Thursday AM) course dates 6, 13, 20, 27 August ; 3, 10 September 2020, Time: 8.30am-9.45am


  • Weekend (Saturday PM) course dates 8, 15, 22, 29 August ; 5, 12 September 2020, Time: 3.30pm-4.45am


Participants must be able to attend all sessions. No refund or make up lessons will be given for missed classes.


Workshop content: 

  • Orientation: Meaning of Ashtanga – 8 Limbs
  • Opening mantra chanting
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Sanskrit names
  • Sun Salutation A and B (breakdown)
  • Standing postures (breakdown)
  • Sanskrit counting for Sun Salutation A and B and Standing.
  • Finishing postures (breakdown)
  • Mysore (Independent practice)
  • Closing mantra chanting
  • Asana names for standing and sitting


Workshop fee:

  • SG$270


Ashtanga Beginner's Course
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